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"MOOKA Cordless Mini Vacuum: Lightweight, Dual-Function Cleaner with USB-C Fast Charging"

"MOOKA Cordless Mini Vacuum: Lightweight, Dual-Function Cleaner with USB-C Fast Charging"

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Discover the MOOKA Cordless Car Vacuum: a lightweight, powerful cleaning solution for your car, home, and office. Weighing just 1.1LB (499g)—less than a standard bottle of water—this vacuum packs a punch with 6Kpa suction power, effortlessly lifting sand, dust, and debris from every nook and cranny. Despite its power, it operates quietly at 70dB, ensuring a comfortable cleaning experience without excessive noise.

This handheld vacuum is not only portable with its compact 11x2x2 inch size but also versatile. It can be easily stored in a drawer, glove box, or any small space. It comes equipped with multiple accessories to tackle different cleaning tasks: a crevice nozzle for tight spaces, a brush nozzle for general use, and three blowing nozzles for versatile applications.

The cordless design enhances flexibility, eliminating the hassle of wires. It includes a USB-C charging cable, allowing convenient recharging from any standard 5V/2A adapter. The vacuum charges fully in 3-4 hours and provides up to 20 minutes of continuous cleaning. A clear three-indicator system displays the working and charging status at a glance.

Maintaining this vacuum is straightforward—simply press the cap button to release dirt without dirtying your hands. A buckle lock prevents accidental opening, and its dual filtration system, featuring stainless steel and HEPA filters, traps 99.95% of particles, enhancing air quality. The filters are washable and reusable, promoting longevity and environmental friendliness.

Friendly Reminder: For optimal performance, fully charge the vacuum before first use. Regularly using the crevice and general nozzles in conjunction ensures thorough cleaning. Frequent users should consider replacing the HEPA filter every three months; replacement filters are available for purchase.

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