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Gaming Controller Portable Joystick Gamepads

Gaming Controller Portable Joystick Gamepads

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This gaming controller joystick gamepad offers hours of wireless connection fun for iOS and Android, providing a mobile gaming experience in an elegant, portable package. With its sophisticated design and gem-like size ranging from 135-173m, you can experience the joy of premium gaming wherever you go

Product weight:168g


[One handle in the hand, Play with the whole platform] Support IOS Android /PS4 /switch PC functions.
[Android customization set key] The built-in preset configuration can be used directly, or you can customize the key settings.
[One-click macro-operation] Macro definition, just press a key to show the heroes. Set of continuous moves, famous knife resurrects armor, one key operation.
[Ergonomics, Curve design] Professional grip design, firm handle.  Firm and convenient, fit the palm.
[360°high precision 3D rocker] High precision deadband free rocker.
[One-button speed adjustment. Easy micro-manipulation aiming] The M2 key on the back enables the speed adjustment to assist the player in completing the fine adjustment. A series of difficult operations, such as aiming and exploding the head, make the easy lock game easier.

Package Included:
1× Gamepad,
1×Charging Cable,
1×User Manual
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